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Frequently Asked Questions about Trampolines

Circular or Rectangle Trampoline?
Circular trampolines are designed for fun and tend to be safer as there is a tendency to jump in the centre of the mat and therefore there is a good distance between the jumper and the edge of the trampoline. Another factor is the size and shape of your garden, smaller gardens lend themselves to a 10 or 12 Foot circular or rectangular shape trampoline as they take up less space. Remember you can always sink your trampoline down to ground level, which will increase the safety. If your children are thinking of becoming gymnasts, then a rectangular trampoline is better suited to gaining more height in order to do somersaults etc.

What age should my kids be before getting them a trampoline?
The safety guidelines recommend no children under 6 years should use a full size trampoline. Adult supervision is essential.

Does the protective weather cover fit on the trampoline with a safety enclosure?
The protective weather cover is not designed to be use with a safety enclosure, however the cover can be strapped to the top of the safety enclosure to act as an umbrella to provide shade on hot days.

What else might I need for my new trampoline?
Safety enclosures, trampoline tents and bungie kits are useful additions to your trampoline.

Will my grass still grow under my new trampoline?
Yes- in fact grass tends to grow greener and faster under the trampoline as the mat still allows some sunlight through. When mowing your lawn, simply drag your trampoline out of the way.

Can we use our trampoline when it is wet?
Avoid using your trampoline when it is wet as it will be slippery. To speed the drying time you can use an old towel to mop up excess water.

Can we sink our trampoline into the ground?
Yes, this is an excellent option, as it will increase the safety and make your trampoline less visible. The distance between the mat and the bottom of the hole needs to be at least 3 feet. If your water table is high you will need to provide drainage. Also be sure to use the legs as they provide necessary support to the circular frame. For more information please contact us.

Can we use our trampoline in low temperatures?
Our trampolines have been designed to be used all year round, however avoid using if covered in snow or ice.

Is there anything I can do to make my Trampoline last longer?
Yes- Keep it covered. A shady position will help, as the sun over time will cause the PVC to deteriorate.

Are the trampolines waterproof ?
Yes - all trampolines are waterproof and built to withstand the vagaries of the British climate.

Do we need any special tools or equipment to set up the trampolines ?
No - none of the trampolines need any special tools, they can be "up and running" in a matter of minutes.

Won't my children grow tired of trampolining and stop using their trampolines after a few months?
Because trampolining gets all the body's systems working after just a few bounces it makes you feel good. Users experience a sort of high whilst bouncing. As well as being terrific exercise the feeling of well-being draws people back to the trampoline day after day, week after week and year after year.

Some people think that trampolining is dangerous, is it?
No more than any other activity involving unrestrained movement. It is important to differentiate between the sport of trampolining where individuals are pushed to the limit of their skills and recreational trampolining where such pressures do not generally exist. Trampolining is certainly much safer than many 'accepted' activities such as horse riding, bicycle riding and swimming.

Will I be able to get replacement parts for my trampoline?
Yes. We know that your trampoline is going to be very popular and will get an enormous amount of use. Eventually springs will stretch or break, beds will need re stitching or replacing (watch out for bonfire spark damage). It may not happen for a few years, but when you need us, we plan to be there for you.

How can I site my trampoline on sloping or uneven ground?
Provided that the slope is no greater than 15% or 1 in 7, it is possible to level your trampoline by digging a 3 inch wide trench into which the uphill leg base is dropped. The downhill leg base is then supported on timber blocks.

What do I do in high winds?
If you live in a windy area, then it might be advisable to buy an anchor kit to secure the trampoline to the lawn. Otherwise if high winds are forecast, we recommend removing the legs so that the wind cannot get underneath and lift the trampoline.

Will my trampoline need a cover?
Some of our trampolines are supplied with a cover but it is not essential to have one. They have four primary uses:-
* To keep the bed and pads clear and free from bird droppings, tree sap and creepy crawlies.
* To keep the bed dry and ready for immediate use even on a damp day or immediately after rainfall.
* To give a clear message when necessary to family, friends and others that the trampoline has been 'put away' and is 'not in use'.
* To prolong the life of the bed and pads by protecting them from the ongoing effects of UV radiation.
Remember - it is NOT necessary to protect the bed from rain
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